We are now at the very brink of 2017's end, and every rapper that was going to leave their mark on this soon to be expired year has already done so. Now, it's time to see who, exactly, fans feel left the biggest and best impression in 2017.

Of course, Kendrick Lamar was a name that continually popped up when XXL asked fans on Twitter which rapper had the best 2017, but that feels sort of like a year-in, year-out sort of deal. 2017's really about come ups—ranging fron the "carry over from 2016" to the somewhat surprising to the completely out of nowhere.

Repping for the 2016 carryovers are Migos, the Georgia rap trio that earned plenty of acclaim and sales when they dropped their now platinum-selling Culture album at the top of the year. By the fall of 2016, of course, anyone with two eyes could see Quavo, Offset and Takeoff were about to glow-up in a major way, but 2017 solidified, and fans recognized the feat. They also showed props to Travis Scott, whose Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight still bumps well over a year after its release.

No story of  2017 entertainment can be complete without Cardi B, who delivered one of the year's biggest singles when she dropped "Bodak Yellow" over the summer. That track's gone platinum and was, for a time, the No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for consecutive weeks this year.

Somewhat similarly, Lil Pump was a name fans also acknowledged as experiencing a sizable glow-up in 2017. While he'd dropped some music before his 2017 blow up, he'd crossed into another plain of existence when "Gucci Gang" entered the Billboard Hot 100.

Check out what some fans have to say about which rappers had the biggest 2017 in the gallery below.

See Fans Name the Rappers Who Had the Best 2017

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