Just two months ago, Denzel Curry dropped his 13 EP out of the clear blue sky. It featured five tracks in total, three of which were already released, and though it was satisfying, it wasn't what people expected. Now the path is clear for his next album, Taboo, and on Thursday night (Aug. 18), he once more came out of nowhere with a new song, "Skywalker." Cop it on iTunes or stream it below via SoundCloud.

The song, produced by Denzel's trusty beatmaker Ronny J, opens with Curry almost singing a bit before the hypnotic beat kicks in and the Florida rapper flips all types of flows. The song is an excellent balance between his airtight raps and his more melodic stuff.

But some of his fans might not be too happy with Denzel's progression. Shortly after he released the song on Thursday night, he went on Twitter, venting about how people need to stop expecting him to rap like he did a couple years ago and telling fans if they want to hear his Nostalgic 64 style, they should go to YouTube and just type in "Nostalgic 64."

"I'm get sick [sic] of rapping fast it's starting to bore me," he wrote in just one of a series of quickly-deleted tweets he shot off last night. "None of y'all make me happy most of y'all our selfish [sic] and y'all expect to much I'm going do me regardless of what you think about my art [...] Respect nostalgic for what it did in that time frame and past it on [sic] to your children when this is said and done [...] Today's listeners are fucking stupid."

We recently talked to Denzel about making his 13 EP. Watch that below as well.

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