Dave East drops the Eastmix to "Free Smoke," the opening single on Drake's More Life. The 2016 XXL Freshman goes off for three minutes and with no hook, the Harlem rapper spits about everything from Donald Trump to Rick Ross' new album, Rather You Than Me to LeBron James.

"Every morning that I'm waking up, somebody askin' about my BM/Who is that, whip blue and black? On my seat, I'm getting a BM/That's a I8 through the tri-state/All my niggas raise the crime rate/It's getting ugly like LeBron face/Never seen it coming, that's a blind date/Shooter told me I should slow down, I was sipping lot of codeine lately/Ross got the hardest album out, wonder what's gon' happen when he see Baby/Glock .40 kinda hard to tuck it but I'm walking in with this 3-80/Never claimed to be a legend in this rap game, I just let the people say it/I fuck your bitch with Tory Lanez On/Only Ethika no Hanes on," he raps.

East is working on his next project, Paranoia, which will hopefully drop sometime this year. He wrote a note to his fans that the project is "coming soon." His last project, Kairi Chanel, was fantastic and lead to his eventual joint deal with Mass Appeal Records and Def Jam Recordings.

Listen to the EastMix of "Free Smoke" below.

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