Straight from the vaults, Tim Westwood lets loose a 20-year-old freestyle from Snoop Dogg. The unreleased session was recording in 1996 and features Tha Doggfather rapping over tracks like Westside Connection’s “Bow Down” and his own hit single “Gin & Juice.” Snoop is as relaxed as ever as he drops rhymes about everything including the East Coast/West Coast beef. Snoop blamed the beef on East Coast radio stations and even said that “ain’t nobody gonna really get killed in this game.” Unfortunately, both 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. were murdered. For over 20 minutes Snopp Dogg dropped bar after bar. Listen to it above.

Westwood is one of the most important DJs and radio figures when it comes to hip-hop in the U.K. For 30 years, every rapper who's been anything in the industry has stopped by TimWestwoodTV. XXL talked to the famous DJ about his legacy in hip-hop and the unreleased material he has in his archives.

"It’s all on one hard drive, believe it or not, on this massive 5 terabyte hard drive," he said. "So what he does, he just goes to the artist’s name and he just finds these things. So the other day he goes and finds a Jay Z freestyle. I couldn’t even remember we did, I couldn’t even remember this freestyle. And every Thursday for Throwback Thursday, he puts one on YouTube and I have no idea [what’s coming]. When I hear them again, I can remember the moment, but it’s not like I can say, “Oh yeah, let’s go grab this moment with Jay Z” or whoever from last week. I don’t remember these moments. It’s been so many blessed moments."

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