A shooter has been apprehended by Austin Police after shooting a handgun into the air two times early this morning (March 20) in downtown Austin, the scene of the South by Southwest Festival.

The famed music and arts gathering had been going on without any major incident. But last night shots rang out around 1:30 CST, while an unsuspecting mass of people gathered on 6th street. The loud pops sent the large group of people scrambling for safety, while others pulled out their phones and filmed from what they believed was a safe distance.

The gunman disturbed what looked like a peaceful scene. In one video captured of the scene (above), a large crowd can be seen standing around when two loud pops ring out into the night.

Shortly after the shooting, police captured the alleged shooter and gun used in the crime. He remains unidentified as of press time.

In the days prior to the shooting, things were rocking on the rap side. Young Thug made a spectacle in the Austin streets, announcing his upcoming mixtape Slime Season 3 with a faux funeral procession. Nas premiered the new J Dilla collab "The Sickness," Rae Sremmurd turnt TF up at their set, bigging up Bernie Sanders while blasting Donald Trump, and last night Drake shut it down.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the shooting incident.

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