Is Gucci Mane about to get released from prison? The Atlanta rapper is certainly hinting at it on Instagram as Gucci wrote, "I get out sooner than later. Hurry [and] catch the wave." He also included the Instagram handle for the person handling his booking. Clearly Gucci Mane must know something we don't as there's been no confirmation of any kind that the veteran rapper would be getting out of jail soon. This is Instagram post is the second prison photo of Gucci Mane we've seen in recent months. Gucci was also pictured with Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine.

The amazing thing about Gucci Mane is how much material he has put out despite being behind bars. Gucci has released as much music from behind bars as some artists have released in their entire careers. His most recent project is The Spot, which dropped in late October. The mixtape serves as a soundtrack to Gucci's movie of the same name.

Gucci Mane has also kept in touch with his fans through letters and even some exclusive features for XXL. Gucci participated in XXL's Doin' Lines series earlier this year and even penned an advice column.