The amount of projects Gucci Mane has released within a year is staggering. Even while he's in jail, he's still planning on release not one but two new projects for Apr. 1. (The Brick Factory Vol. 1, a 1017 Brick Squad compilation album, and Young Thugga Mane LaFlare, a collaborative effort with Young Thug). Ever wonder how Gucci releases so much new material while he's incarcerated in a Federal Detention Center in Lovejoy, Georgia? Noisey spoke with Ronald “Caveman” Rosario who's co-executive produced last December’s The State vs. Radric Davis II: The Caged Bird Sings plus is the Director of Urban Music at 101 Distribution and Sean Paine, Gucci’s head audio engineer who Big Guwop plucked up when he was an intern three years ago at Atlanta’s Patchwerk Studios.

Caveman is responsible for getting the independent projects to retailers, making the project available for purchase rather than dropping it on sites like LiveMixtapes. With his help, Big Guwop reportedly made about $1.3 million in 2013 from 12 projects (9 Gucci Mane projects and three 1017 projects). They also go in great detail to explain Gucci's recording process. Most of the new Gucci material consists of music he previously recorded before he was locked up for gun charges from his Sept. arrest which he could face 20 years for if convicted. Caveman says Gucci was recording about 13 songs a day and they “could drop three albums a year for the next three years and still have enough material for another three years.”

They also discussed Young Thug's contract situation—which was the topic of the day yesterday (March 27)—explaining that no matter what is reported, Thug is still signed to Gucci. "The fucking reality of it is Thug is signed to 1017, regardless of where he wants to go,” says Caveman. “So regardless of what people want to say, what they want to Tweet or Instagram, Gucci is still gonna get paid. Thug is running around saying Rich Gang, but a lot of people don’t understand that Rich Gang is a management company. It is a management deal. It isn’t a record deal. So Birdman and his team are now representing him, but regardless of his representation he’s still signed to Gucci.”

[via Noisey]