Gucci Mane's third album of the year, The Return of East Atlanta Santadropped today and lo and behold, Drake pops up on track four, "Both." When Gucci was first released from prison in May, Drake was among the first rappers to collaborate with him, the two releasing "Back on Road" in early June. That track wound up on Gucci's album Everybody Looking, released in July, this new collab lending more credence to the notion that the two have a joint album in the works.

Back in July, Zaytoven, confirmed a collaborative project was under way, saying, "When Drake came over to the house to shoot a video, him and Gucci got to talking about making something. It will be a small EP. I think it might be called 6’ers, you know, because Gucci is from Zone 6 and Drake is from Toronto, the 6. It’s definitely happening.” In August, Zay echoed those remarks and the project's title.

With "Both" then, Gucci and Drake offer a preview of what's to come, Drake saying on the song's hook, "I don’t usually do this less I’m drunk or I’m high/But I’m both right now and I need you in my life." Gucci confirmed that The 6ers is in the works, though it isn't top of mind for either rapper at the moment, saying, “He’s working on his album and I’ve got my album coming out I can’t even lie. I’m not even thinking about The 6ers. I’m thinking about East Atlanta Santa and I’m pretty sure he’s thinking about More Life.”

Listen to "Both" below.


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