While Gucci Mane prepares for the release of his upcoming album, Mr. Davisit appears the Atlanta rapper has also been in the studio with YouTube personality Jake Paul.

It was recently revealed that Gucci has been collaborating with Paul on what he calls a "banger." In a video taken by Paul, the rapper says, "This song right here is a hit. Listen, if y'all sleepin' on Jake Paul, y'all finna know."

A collab with Paul would be Gucci's latest venture outside of the hip-hop world. In June, the rapper teamed up with Fifth Harmony for the song "Down." The song made it to No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned Gucci his first MTV Video Music Award when he and the group took home the Best Pop award at the 2017 MTV VMAs.

While fans wait for the Gucci and Jake Paul collab, they'll also have to wait a little longer for the rapper's next album. Originally scheduled to release on Sept. 15, Mr. Davis has been pushed back to October.

Speaking with MTV News, Gucci said he wanted to release the album on Oct. 17 but decided to change it to Oct. 13 when he realized it was the same date as his wedding.

“I planned on originally putting it out September the 15th,” he said. “Then, I started [thinking], October the 17th, but that’s the day I get married […] I love putting music out on 10-17. I feel like, it’d even make the whole wedding more powerful, because that’s like, my national holiday! In my mind, it’s coming out 10-17, but I’m dropping it early, Friday the 13th.”

Check out Gucci discussing his upcoming collaboration with Jake Paul below.

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