The internet is on fire with the dumbest rumor ever today – the Gucci Mane we see is actually a clone. The rumor seemed to stem from a fake report on a Boosie interview with Breakfast Club that never happened, but it's become swept up in the public's feeling that Gucci sounds like a totally changed man since coming home from prison. Others cite the conspicuous absence of certain tattoos as another example of how we aren't seeing the real LaFlare.

Today on Snapchat, Guwop addressed the rumors. "I'm hearing that Gucci is a clone. I will neither support nor deny those accusations," he said in his affected accent. But isn't that what a clone would say?

The rumors, obviously specious as a motherfucker, are a broader implication of how surprised people are with Gucci's speech pattern. His Snapchat is full of conversations with his girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir where he speaks in this faux-dainty accent that sounds like what people do when they make fun of prissy white people, and though he's used the voice on mixtapes in the past, it'd be funnier if it wasn't so disconcerting to Gucci fans who aren't used to this style of speaking.

In a separate viral clip you can see below, Gucci describes the glasses he's wearing as "mindblowing," and people on social media are eating that shit up. Let's hope this doesn't mean people want to treat the Trap God like a meme, because he sounds dead serious on this new track with Zaytoven.

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