Gloss Up reportedly was in a fight with one of Finesse2tymes' three girlfriends, BBJay.

Gloss Up Got Into an Altercation With Finesse2tymes' Girlfriend BBJay

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Gloss Up in a huge fight with one of Finess2tymes' three girlfriends, BBJay. In the clip, which has gone viral on social media, Gloss is wearing all-black while BBJay is in the white jumpsuit. It appears that Gloss is pulling on BBJay's hair in an attempt to rip it off her scalp. Several men and what looks like security are trying to break them up to no avail.

The gossip website reportedly reached out to Gloss Up and asked the Quality Control artist about the incident. Her response was very glib. "Hey there is nothing to explain but thank you for support 'Rich Baby Mama,'" she reportedly told the outlet.

Gloss also went on her Instagram Story and explain what happened in the video.

"I'm Say This & Im Done[.] No 304 Did S**t To Me[.] The Video Y'all Seee Is Clearly The End Of The Fight," she wrote. "I'm The One Popped The S**t Off [pensive face emoji][.] Y'all 304s Walk Pass Y'all "Opps" & That's The Problem Yall Nice Asf."

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What Were Gloss Up and BBJay Fighting About?

It's unclear why Gloss Up and BBJay were fighting. However, several gossip outlets believe it may have to do with Gloss calling out Finesse2tymes with how he's influencing her son. In the past, Finesse has been posting photos on his Instagram page of her 10-year-old son flashing money and allegedly gambling with the Memphis rapper's crew. For Gloss, this is a complete no-no.

The "Alone" rapper made it clear that Finesse won't be around her son anymore because she is raising him to be a king and not a hood dude. Finesse responded with a weak argument that women raise their daughters to shake their butts so there was nothing wrong with what he was doing with her son.

The gossip blogs are reporting that BBJay didn't like Gloss calling out her man (Finesse) so she wanted to squabble with her. Again, all of this is just speculation.

Let's just hope Gloss Up and the other ladies act like women and do not fight in public.

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