Kanye West's current situation has a lot of people that are close to him reflecting. Now GLC is stepping up to speak on the issues 'Ye is now facing. Both Chicago rappers go back a ways, with GLC being featured on two songs off West's first two albums, and them both being in a trio called The Go Getters along with Really Doe.

Taking to Instagram, GLC offered some details into what may have led West down a path that has him recovering in a hospital. "Money, power, fame is something we all want to obtain," he started. "The only thing is, when you get it... it comes with no instructions. In 07 we lost an excellent instructor in Mama West. You try to offer your friend consultation & guidance on how to deal with such a lost but as their life is moving so fast. It is often a difficult task."

"He continued, "@chicagodonc & I did everything we could to try & keep the users, leeches & yes men out the circle. It gets to the point that they identify you as the problem & do all they can to keep you away, while offering no time for him to actually heal. I prayed that my buddy wouldn't get caught up in the rapture. Mama West asked us to watch over & protect her son. I love him & I sincerely apologize for letting you down. However he is on the road to recovery & we gladly receive the blessings! Thank you to all who have sent their blessings, the Ancestors & the Absolute God!#GetWellSoonKanye #PrayForYe."

As recently as last year, GLC stated he was working on the new comeback album The Book of St Ism with Kanye West and Dame Dash both executive producing the project.

Check out more recent rapper reactions to West's hospitalization, below.

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