Gillie Da Kid confronted a man who accused him of smelling like marijuana at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

On Tuesday (Nov. 8), Gillie Da Kid hit up Instagram with a video of himself engaging in a heated argument with an unidentified man who was wearing a badge. In the clip below, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcaster can be seen rummaging through his own backpack as he and the man, who Gillie implies is a person of authority, have an argument over whether or not Gillie Da Kid is being rightfully questioned about allegedly smelling like marijuana.

"To walk up on and ask me, 'Do I got illegal drugs in my bag?'" said Gillie as the video clip begins with the confrontation already in progress and sees Gillie holding an open bag. "What are you talking about? Can you look in here?"

From there, the unidentified man with a badge tells Gillie that he's the one who searched his own bag and implied that the popular rapper-turned-podcaster is lying now that the cameras were rolling.

"I'm gon’ lie to the camera," sarcastically replied Gillie Da Kid. "You walked up to me and picked me out. Get away from me, man. You picked me out. For what? I'm probably the richest person on this plane. Get away from me, man."

As the argument continued, the man accused Gillie of smelling like marijuana again, noting that weed is illegal in Texas. He then once again told the "Get Down on the Ground" rapper to "Be real and don't lie," to which Gillie remained adamant in his stance that he was being falsely accused.

"What do you mean, 'Be real?'" continued Gillie Da Kid. "You be real. [Who] is you talkin’ to, man? Smell like marijuana. What is you talking about? Picked the wrong one today, huh?"

At that point, both Gillie and the man in the 10-gallon hat went their separate ways seemingly without any further incident.

The confrontation at the airport in Dallas is the second time in the matter of a week Gillie Da Kid has posted some highly animated footage of himself on social media. Back on Nov. 1, Gillie hit up Instagram with a pointed and passionate video calling out the many people across the internet who shared disturbing photos and videos of the death of late Migos rapper, Takeoff.

XXL has reached out to American Airlines and the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport for comment regarding the matter.

See Gillie Da Kid Confront the Man Who Accused Him of Smelling Like Marijuana in the Video Below

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