With all the drama that is currently circulating around The Game, which includes possible jail time for punching an off duty police officer, recently losing $200,000 lawsuit, and being sued for sexual assault, it's almost easy for one to forget he has an album dropping soon. Exactly how soon was recently determined when the Compton rapper took to Instagram to reveal The Documentary 2 LP due date and unveil the album's cover art.

The cover for the project features a shirtless Game standing in front of a black fence looking menacing. It was shot by legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion. The album is now slated to drop September 25. "This album is better than my 1st for more than a few reasons," Game wrote in the lengthy caption urging fans not to take his word for it, but to see for themselves.

Back in June The Game revealed the producers who contributed to the project naming Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Alchemist, DJ Premier and Scott Storch.

Check out Chuck's message in its entirety, below.

"To my true fans: it's been really dope to have you ridin' with me the last 10 years from the 1st Documentary til now.... I appreciate your loyalty & the patience you have displayed while waiting for me to finish #TheDocumentary2 & I am proud to give you my album cover shot by legend photographer & director @JonathanMannion (who also shot my 1st album cover) & graphic designer @CeoSelfmade for collaborating with Jonathan to bring such a classic image of me on the bridge in my hood....Cedar Block Piru in westside Compton, California... Everything about the photo shoot made me feel the exact same way I did when we were there 10 years ago & trust me when I say.... This album is better than my 1st for more than a few reasons.... But you don't have to take my word for it because you will see for yourself when it drops SEPTEMBER 25TH 2015 !!!! After Kendrick dropped his album, then Dr. Dre dropped #Compton then the movie doing 100 million after just 2 weeks..... This album will add to my cities continuous legacy !!!! I'm proud to be from #COMPTON & I wish #EazyE was alive to see us flourish yet again...... We on !!! This album cover represents the struggle to stay alive in a city where CRIPS & BLOODS have been at war since 1972 & it's because of you "THE FANS" I will again get to give you my documented accounts of life here in Los Angeles .... SEPTEMBER 25TH history will be made again #TheDocumentary2."