Kanye said it best, “You trippin when you ain't sippin’/have a refill," and Game lived by it Thursday night (March 17) while tearing it up at the club. After having one too many, he was feeling himself off the sauce and did the unthinkable: he reached out to 50 Cent.

Game took to Instagram to write a drunk message praising his longtime nemesis 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka. In addition to tagging Fif in the long post, which featured a split image for Fifty's show Power and Fox’s hit series Empire, Game also mentioned Pharrell, Rihanna's "Work" and Jay Z.

In his rant, Game pointed out that he has been quiet surrounding issues with Fifty for more than 10 years, but after going through 40 bottles of Ciroc and cleaning out the club's supply he tried Effen and it appears he had an epiphany. "Me and that nigga used to be tight as @kehlani's pussy (no I've never fucked, I'm just guessing it's tight)," he wrote about he and the G-Unit boss' past. "I started drinking Effen Vodka and I thought this bullshit is actually amazing."

It's a shame the nod, which has since been removed from Game's account, comes after Fifty decided to leave IG. Surely The Kanan Tape rapper would have blasted Game, who recently reunited with Lloyd Banks back in February. But Fifty wasn't the only target of Game's drunken rant, as he didn't end the post without pleading for a feature from Hov, claiming he has matured since he first hit the scene in 2005.

It's ironic because in the beginning of his career Game dissed Hov numerous times. Back in 2009, Jay deaded the idea of the two rhymers collaborating together. "It's not in the spirit of competition, because he's not competition for me. He's not. Not then, not ever—he'd have to improve considerably," Jay Z told XXL. But maybe after the drunken ramble Hov will see the growth?

Game's bizarre post also mentioned a dance battle with Odell Beckham Jr. and his internal conflict with purchasing TIDAL to decide if he likes Rihanna'a "Work" or Beyonce's "Formation" better. When the Effen's in the system, ain't no telling.

Check out Game's now-deleted posts below.

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