No matter how famous he gets, The Game never forgets the streets that raised him. Game grew up in Compton, Calif., one of the most crime-ridden areas in all of the United States. The lion-hearted rap vet often raps about his childhood trials in Compton and is a well-known affiliate of the Bloods. And yet, with films like last summer's Straight Outta Compton glamorizing the area, Game, along with other Compton-hailing rappers, are here to remind you what's real.

A new A&E documentary called The Streets of Compton aims to reclaim the authenticity of Compton's streets and show the true story of how the Blood and Crip gangs came to dominate the area. The producers of the film, Cash "Wack 100" Jones and Dairold "Wacko" Potts, take the viewer through the streets of Compton and talk to the locals who candidly grant cameras unprecedented access into their world of gang affiliation. King Bobalouie, one of the founders of the Westside Pirus, is interviewed at length as well as Compton rapper AD and local gang affiliates.

Though Game is sparsely seen in the doc's trailer, he's mentioned by one of the project's creators as a "trophy" for making it out of the streets.

"Game's an even bigger trophy based upon who he is," explains Jones. "This is a man that's sold 30, 40 million records, millions of people follow him on the social kill that, you kill a voice."

The Southern suburb of Los Angeles has birthed many hip-hop "trophies" over the years including Kendrick Lamar, N.W.A, Problem and more. In addition to Game's testimony, the doc will feature exclusive new music from Game's latest project, also called The Streets of Compton, which is due out June 17.

Check out the trailer for the 3-hour mini docuseries above and catch the entire original as it premieres on A&E Thursday, June 9.

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