Rising Brooklyn-based rapper G4SHI releases “Turn Me Down (Dark Heart Remix).” The original track was released earlier in the summer but the re-imagined Dark Heart Remix turns the record into a club anthem. The energy goes way up.

"Swear they ain’t never gonna slow me down/When I’m in your city people hold me down/Ain’t no bitch in this place gonna turn me down/She say yeah-yeah-yay-yay-ya-ya," sings G4SHI.

Ever since “Disrespectful” dropped in March, momentum has been on G4SHI's side. "Disrespectful" caught the attention of Roc Nation and he eventually went on to sign a management deal with the label this past June. With “24 Hours” and “Turn Me Down” continuing to get plays and streams, G4SHI is having a great year.

He’s currently gearing up for his forthcoming Stairs 2 album and on his first world tour. Bump “Turn Me Down (Dark Heart Remix)" below.

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