Last week in New York, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks previewed the new G-unit album, Terminate On Site (T.O.S.), for select media outlets. XXL was in the building, no doubt, and so were a few, let's say passionate fans. In between songs heads had a lot to say about each track and we just happen to overhear a conversation between a G-Unit follower and someone who probably has a few Black Wall Street mixtapes at home. We could go on and on about the album over here, the highs and the lows, but we figured, why not just check out what those dudes had to say about it? Names have been hidden to protect them from Yayo.

***Straight Outta Southside***

G-Unot: Trash!

G-Unit: This is more like it. But wasn't this suppose to be a Sean Bell tribute?

G-Unot: At least Game knows how to make a real Sean Bell tribute...and he ain't even from Queens!

G-Unit: Ha!

G-Unot: "Fuck the police who killed Sean Bell?" Oohhhh! How profound, Marvin?

**Piano man***

G-Unit: Yayo's getting off on this one. But isn't Jay-Z the piano man?

G-Unot: That's taken off that Jay line.

G-Unit: Yes!

***Close To Me***

G-Unit: Fif got the casual flow, Queens don't play, LL...we get the ladies.

G-Unot: Pftttt! Your hoes be ashy over there in Queens. That joint was aight, though. I ain’t about to do the Yayo dance or nothing.

***Rider Pt. 2 ft. Young Buck***

G-Unit: Buck's lucky Fif kept him on this one.

G-Unot: He should have kept Buck everywhere, though.

G-Unit: Ha!

***Casualties of War***

G-Unit: Classic, hard, New York record right here, kid.

G-Unot: Yeah, I can't even front on this one. This shit is so hard, it make me wanna choke Banks.

G-Unit: You g-g-g-g-g-g damn right! A hit!

***You So Tough***

G-Unit: Goes for anyone. Defectors, kids, whoever! Tell em Yayo!

G-Unot: Who is making them beats? Joints is gutter, cuz.

***No Days Off ft. Young Buck***

G-Unit: Uh...well, maybe Buck might have a few days off coming his way.

G-Unot: These beats are fire! Game would have killed this.

G-Unit: “Rebound like Greg Oden son!”

***Terminate On Sight***

G-Unit: Why does Fif growl so much? Grrrrrrr!

G-Unot: He's trying bring X back.

G-Unit: X can't even bring X back.

***Like The Way She Do It***

G-Unot: This shit is dumpster. The beat sounds like my cable went off.

G-Unit: Sheeeiit! This that fire boy. Thugs in the club. Got my 50 wife beater on. Uh, pause.

***Kitty Kat***

G-Unit: Er ah, yeah, this just uncomfortable to talk about guys saying "Kitty Kat."

G-Unot: I don't care what another man does, but you know Yayo be paying hoes

G-Unit: Hater!

G-Unot: Talking 'bout he get pussy for free. Sure.

***The Party Ain’t Over***

G-Unit: No comment about Buck.

G-Unot: “The party ain’t over?” The party over for Buck, though.

G-Unit: I said no comment!

G-Unot: It was too easy. Had to do it. This nigga might join the G-Unot campaign now.

G-Unit: Ha!

***Let It Go***

G-Unit: Boy wonder is back.

G-Unot: Back where?

G-Unit: On top, b!

***Get Down***

G-Unit: Yayo is the new 50. He's on all the hooks!

G-Unot: Yep! That’s probably why they suck!

G-Unit: Don’t wanna talk about it.

G-Unot: Yayo's best verse was on "Running." Ironically it's a Game song. Anything good these niggas do, Chuck Taylor is involved.

G-Unit: See, I’m a New Yorker but I sound southern...vintage Fif right here.

G-Unot: This shit is aight right here.

***Ready Or Not***

G-Unit: Of course they ready...Wayne's numbers are in jeopardy.

***Money Make The World Go Round***

G-Unit: What do they know about this topic besides 50?

G-Unot: Whatever happened to Banks anyway? The nigga used to be aight, now the nigga be spitting cookie monster raps. This album gets a C,

G-Unit: Aww, man. This is solid B

G-Unot: Solid? What the fuck that means? And why you New Yorkers always say b? (in New York voice) this is hot b?