UPDATE: Revolt reports that Slow from Slowbucks was jumped on stage and his chain was stolen.


Fans never thought they would see the day, but it happened. G-Unit finally re-united during 50 Cent's set at Summer Jam. That includes Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck (no Game).

The clique surprised everybody after Nas finished his set. The Summer Jam audience was in an uproar as G-Unit performed some of their hits — including Lloyd Banks' "On Fire." Fabolous, along with dozens of others, joined the crew on stage for the historic moment. This is 50 Cent's first time headlining Summer Jam in a decade.

Unfortunately, things weren't all celebratory. A fight broke out on stage as G-Unit was performing. Slow from Slowbucks was angered as security refused to let him join G-Unit on stage. Lloyd Banks also looked upset about the situation. Fabolous had to calm down and walk Slow off the stage. Hot 97's Ebro Darden also had to talk with Bucks to de-escalate the situation. A source at Summer Jam says that Slow has problems with one of the crew members of 50 Cent.

Below are some images from the incident. The first is Slow conversing with an unconfirmed person on stage, and Pecas from Def Jam is seen trying to diffuse the situation in the second.