In late September 2015, G Herbo subtly announced the name of his official debut album: "I Remember What I Use To Be.. What I Use To Do And What I Use To Have.. I'm Humble.. Humble Beast." Ever since, fans have been fiending for the LP. Now, almost two years later, his official debut album Humble Beast is finally on the way, and not only does XXL have the exclusive first look at the album cover (below), but we're also premiering the official lead single off the LP, "Red Snow," produced by Chicago mainstay C-Sick. Watch the video below.

Herbo's long been one of the illest lyricists in the game, and the triumphant production on "Red Snow," filled with horns, is an effective juxtaposition to Herbo's bleak lyrics. The song focuses on the struggles faced by youths in Chicago, and the hook drives the point home: "I know I rap a lot about being dead or dead broke/But my city starving, this the go, that's just the way it go/They stealin', robbin', livin' heartless, never hit they target/The summer's long and winter's harsh 'cause we got red snow."

"'Red Snow' is important to me because it's from my heart, during a time when so many people were dying around me," says Herbo about the single, which he recorded in winter of 2016. "The video just shows how immune and numb kids like me have become to violence in the ghettos like Chicago all over the world."

Humble Beast drops this summer. Watch the video for "Red Snow" below, and in case you missed it, check out Herbo's latest project, the astounding Strictly 4 My Fans.

Machine Entertainment Group / 150 Dream Team
Machine Entertainment Group / 150 Dream Team

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