Just days after announcing the project with their music video "Guala," G-Eazy and Carnage have unleashed their Step Brothers EP. The EP features four tracks and guest appearances from Smokepurpp,and 24hrs.

G-Eazy and Carnage bring the chemistry they've built over the years to this new EP, even as they switch between flows and instrumentals. Their video for "Guala," sets the tone for the brief, but dope new project.

In the video, G-Eazy and Carnage both have cartoonishly outsized heads, walking the streets of Los Angeles and kicking some flows. Over soft pianos, the two rap about pretty much the last thing you'd expect, given the beat: oral sex.

“Guala, guala, guala, guala/I’m living like it’s no tomorrow/Don’t loan my style, won’t let you borrow/You thirsty, have a glass of water/I’m killing these beats, there’ll be more dead/I put my dick on her forehead/Less conversation and more head/Emergency, this is a code red,” raps G-Eazy, who recently collabed with Kehlani.

You can hear what else G-Eazy and Carnage have to offer by streaming their new EP here or below via Spotify. You can also cop it on iTunes.

G-Eazy and Carnage's Step Brother's EP Tracklist

1. "Guala" Feat. Thirty Rack
2. "Gimme Gimme"
3. "Buddha" Feat. Smokepurpp
4. "Down For Me" Feat. 24hrs

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