Public displays of reconciliation is the theme of the week, with Future bringing out Young Thug during his Madison Square Garden Summer Sixteen set just days after 50 Cent and The Game were spotted together and Prodigy and Tru Life put an end to their beef with some rooftop photos. Watch clips above and below as Young Thug performs "Best Friend" with Future dancing alongside of him.

The on-stage union of the two rappers marks an official end to whatever tension lied between them, with news in late June reporting that the two had put their differences aside to record music together. Future and Thug have a history of, call it competitive sportsmanship, with the two trading what many perceived as subliminals on Twitter back in November and going at it once again this past February.

In April, Metro Boomin, who has worked closely with each rapper, said, "You can’t have either one of them feel like you fucking with the other one more than them. Either one of them would be offended. You gotta remain neutral as much as possible. It’s no bias. Atlanta, man—everybody’s a male, there’s a lot of ego. Somebody gotta be number one. Neither one of them are the type to settle for number two. I feel like they both motivate each other, and it’s good for the culture and the music—just as long as it stay at that."

Well it hasn't stayed at that, it's gotten better. Check the footage from the on-stage moment above and below.

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