This past weekend, fans of Future were scratching their heads after a song was uploaded to the popular rapper's Spotify profile.

As Vice Germany reported yesterday, the supposed Future track actually wasn't from the Atlanta rapper, but instead from a 15-year-old German parody YouTuber named Yunus Emre Nalci. The song, titled "Ausländer 2," is rapped entirely in German and features lyrics about garlic Turkish sucuk sausages, Ayran (a Turkish yogurt drink) and lap cats, among other things. Of course, you can imagine when fans heard the song, they were wondering what the heck is going on.

In an interview, the German YouTuber-rapper confirmed that he didn't hack into Future's Spotify account and upload the song. In fact, he was surprised after people started hitting him up on social media and telling him about the mistake.

"I suddenly got a lot of Instagram messages from friends and strangers with screenshots of Future's Spotify profile," he recalled. "I'm pleased about the attention, but it was definitely not hacking."

After realizing the glitch, Spotify quickly removed Nalci's song from Future's account. The streaming company didn't offer any explanation of how the mistake happened, but Nalci's YouTube handle is "Future" and that may have been the start of the confusion.

Nevertheless, some might say that Nalci got some good exposure for his song, even though some might not know what the track is about.

You can listen to Yunus Emre Nalci's song below.

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