Future is a superstar, and has always seemed as if he could take his talents to new mediums. His latest venture is producing the upcoming film Superfly. Predictably, this means more new music from the Atlanta artist, as he is also curating the soundtrack; it also gives him a chance to let newer acts shine. The latest song from the Superfly soundtrack is "Bag," featuring Future alongside buzzing ATL rapper Yung Bans.

The song opens with Future quietly rapping. "I get the cash and I flip it, I get the cash and I flip it/Young nigga getting bands, young nigga getting bands," he murmurs. He then closes the intro with, "I get the cash and I flip it/I fuck the baddest bitches." A very Future flex.

Yung Bans does his thing, rapping with the same melody Future opened with. "Send that shit back, true story no cap/This shit get deeper than rap," he nearly sings. "I'm the boss of the wire, Percocet get me higher/Lame nigga getting tried up/Only put trust in my gut."

Future is well-known enough that he never really has a quiet moment in his career, and that's what his last few months have looked like. He appears on Zaytoven's new album, Trap Holizay, and surprisingly has a fan and supporter in hip-hop pioneer Kurtis Blow.

Yung Bans also has plenty on his plate. He has a collab with the talented and polarizing 03 Greedo on "High Off Me," had his music featured in the TV show Atlanta, and appears in the video for the song "Young Scooter," a 16yrold production that also features D Savage and Tracy.

Listen to "Bag" below.

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