The famed Magic City strip club in Atlanta is Future's home away from home. So much so, that he apparently gets his mail delivered to the establishment.

On Friday (June 10), the official Instagram account for Magic City - Premier Atlanta Gentleman's Club shared a photo of a mailed envelope that was sent to the downtown Atlanta location. However, the piece of mail is addressed to Nyvadius [sic] "Future" Wilburn, the rapper's government name.

"@future come pick up your mail Mr. Owner!" the post is captioned.

Future caught wind of the notification the same day and commented that he would be coming to pick up his letter.

"On my way soon," he commented under the post along with crying laughing and shoulder shrug emojis.

Magic City is arguably the most famous strip club in the United States and has been featured in various rap music videos and named-dropped on lyrics by everyone from Drake ("I'm standing at the top, that's how I know you never seen the top/Sierra Canyon parking lot lookin' like Magic City parking lot") to Meek Mill ("So I'ma ball on ’em/Magic City, let it fall on ’em.)"

Future paid homage to the club on his early track "Magic." He celebrated his 35th birthday at the club in 2018, with an extravagant party that featured Drake gifting Hendrix $100,000 delivered in an armored truck. Most recently, Future referenced the club on 42 Dugg's "Maybach" track, where he rapped the lines, "Pour a lotta dope in my soda/Magic City, I'm the owner/Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her."

Check out Magic City's post below.

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