They say once Twitter turns you into a meme there's no looking back, and who would know better than Lil Durk and Young Thug. The rappers have became the center of the Internet's newest obsession after a photo of the two in the studio has gone viral.

In the photo, the "Internet" collaborators can be seen staring into a computer screen as they are obviously hard at work cooking up new heat for fans. The picture, however, has turned into a full on meme extravaganza with fans making light of the serious expressions depicted on both Durk and Thug's faces.

While it's unclear what exactly grabbed the "Party" duo's attention, Twitter has filled in that blank with loads of hilarity. From making Thug into a super villain to drawing inspiration from the cult classic Star Wars series, the creativity has unraveled at an all time high.

Our best guess, however, is that the duo were simply tracking vocals as noted by Thug's longtime engineer Alex Tumay. "Thug knows how to work pro tools pretty well," he wrote on Twitter in response to a fan who asked for a backstory on the photo. "Probably automating volume or arranging vocals."

There you have it. But, if that answer simply isn't suffice enough, get into the hilarious collection of memes which have spawned from the photo below.

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