DJ Funkmaster Flex is continuing his crusade to discredit Drake's legacy by setting out prove that Aubrey is not the penman behind his own rhymes. A couple of days ago, the Hot 97 DJ released what is purported to be the reference track Drake used to put together the song "10 Bandz," off If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. Now the OG record spinner says he has additional reference tracks written by Drizzy's alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller.

"There are 3 more reference tracks.... That niggas "collaborated" on!!!," Flex recently posted on his Twitter account. He mentioned one track specifically saying he has the audio for the ref. track to album favorite, "Know Yourself." "Also have reference of KNOW YOURSELF!!! Nigga from Atlanta wrote a song about your city!!!! You a great record maker!!! If you lie you CB4," Flex added.

He continued to go in on the Young Money rapper comparing him to other people who famously used ghostwriters, such as Diddy, Dr. Dre and Timbaland. He even threw in Kanye West. He later tossed up a picture of MC Gusto from the film CB4 to further accent his thoughts on Drake being a fraud.

The way Flex is bombing, if he does have another reference track in his possession, we should be hearing it soon.

Meek Mill started the whole fire-storm when he stated on Twitter that Drake has help in the studio. Miller has denied penning songs for Drake.

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