On very short notice, Future dropped his new self-titled album on Friday (Feb. 17). Wanting to take it back to his underground roots, the 17-song project is sans any guest appearances, but features familiar faces on the production tip.

Metro Boomin has been Hendrix's go-to guy as of recently, but for this project, he employs 808 Mafia leader Southside to handle the bulk of the duties. Sizzle had his hand in seven beats, while DY, another 808 Mafia member, put in work on three songs.

Metro holds down two tracks, along with Zaytoven, DJ Spinz and Tarentino who have a couple of credits a piece on the project. DJ Khaled even got a credit for the intro track "Rent Money," and the underrated Jake One has co-production on "Outta Time."

Check out the full list of contributors via HHNM below.

1. “Rent Money” (Prod. by Beast Bully, DJ Khaled and DJ Tate)
2. “Good Dope” (Prod. by Southside)
3. “Zoom” (Prod. by Southside)
4. “Draco” (Prod. by DJ Spinz)
5. “Super Trapper” (Prod. by Southside and DY)
6. “POA” (Prod. by Southside)
7. “Mask Off” (Prod. by Metro Boomin)
8. “High Demand” (Prod. by DY)
9. “Outta Time” (Prod. by Southside, co-prod. by Jake One)
10. “Scrape” (Prod. by Metro Boomin)
11. “I’m So Groovy” (Prod. by Tarentino and Trepound)
12. “Might as Well” (Prod. by Tarentino)
13. “Poppin Tags” (Prod. by Southside)
14. “Massage in My Room" (Prod. by Southside and DY)
15. “Flip” (Prod. by Southside and DJ Spinz)
16. “When I Was Broke” (Prod. by Zaytoven)
17. “Feds Did a Sweep” (Prod. by Zaytoven)

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