Gucci Mane's now-infamous Twitter rant this week fired shots at just about everyone within range, but specifically targeting Waka Flocka, Frenchie, OJ da Juiceman and his former labelmates, offering to sell off Waka Flocka Flame and Young Scooter's contracts and telling Frenchie to sell himself as well, before rattling off a series of unverifiable claims and telling his followers to ask Waka and Frenchie if they were true. Frenchie—signed to Waka's Brick Squad Monopoly—spoke to XXL about Gucci's Twitter rant, his own relationships with Gucci and Waka, and where BSM is headed next. —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

What's your take on the Gucci Mane meltdown?
Bottom line is everybody know this, that man is—He’s too much right now. Waka is on the rise right now, I’m on the rise right now, by myself, independent. I’m on MTV Jams; my single is going everywhere right now. I’m on Music Choice, I’m on On Demand, I did everything myself. Nobody put a dollar into nothing. Matter of fact, to be honest my single, I put 60K into myself. I don’t know what these other niggas are talking about. Soon as he seen Waka pass him, that’s when he had a grudge. He only had a grudge when Waka passed him, like he wouldn’t care about nobody under him. If you under him, you his best friend, but if you pass him, he can’t see eye to eye with you. You can’t do that.

Niggas like Lil Wayne and them let their artists go. Drake is popping right now, everybody knows Drake is popping, niggas say Drake is better than Lil Wayne but Drake will never say that. Drake is going to stay in the clique, even if they had problems. When you trying to mess up the money, you tired of what niggas is doing. You don’t want to see niggas doing what they doing, you just want niggas to stop shining. I can’t stop shining, I was born—the sun birthed me nigga. I can’t stop shining, and nobody can take my shine away from me 'cause I work too hard. Period. BSM squad, Brick Squad Monopoly. Look at my clique and look at their clique, let’s be serious man. Who on the rise, who hotter than who?

When did the rift happen?
To be honest, we been doing our own thing since you heard Waka claiming BSM, we were on our own and doing what we wanted to do. The first time you heard Waka say BSM, Brick Squad Monopoly, we was on our own. We sparked our own stuff. Just look at the BSM movement, Waka overseas, I’m doing shows everywhere­—I’ve been through the whole United States by myself, my own shows and I rep BSM.

When was the last time you spoke to Gucci?
I was just in the club with that nigga the other day, like two, three weeks ago. I didn’t say anything, he was just on the other side jamming, I was on my side jamming but it was crazy. 'Cause niggas was like, "You got Frenchie in the house,” and, "You got Gucci in the house.” We was separated but you know what, I don’t hate nobody. This is what I’m here to clean up, I'ma clean it up right now. I don’t hate nobody. BSM does not have beef. What you hear that man is talking about, he is bugging the fuck out, let him keep bugging out, I think he’s crazy, he’s mentally insane, something is wrong with that guy. What man gets mad and disses everybody like that? Who does that? Within ourselves; you say shit to me, you saying shit to Waka, you saying shit to OJ, you saying shit within the clique and all of a sudden you just spaz out real quick against everybody—Drake, how you dissing Drake, Nicki Minaj, how you dissing all of them? How you mad at them? You mad at everybody? You just an angry person, and it’s the drugs man.

You think it’s the drugs causing this?
I know for a fact, I know it’s the drugs. Y’all see the tweets man, y’all see how he talking, you ain’t going to talk to me and say your Twitter is hacked, your fucking Twitter ain’t hacked. I don’t believe it. All of a sudden you get 2 million followers and now your Twitter is hacked? Fuck outta here.

Have you and Waka spoken recently?
Waka just called me before I got on the phone with y’all, he just told me he’s getting ready to come to New York and be ready and we’re going to ball the fuck out.

Explain the track “Sometimes” off Trap Music: Season Kickoff Edition.
Its not a diss record, it’s the truth. I speak the truth; I don’t have to lie to nobody. It’s no reason for me to lie. Look at how I start it: "We built this company together now you buggin out / Put my hands on you, naw I don’t want to thug you out.” I don’t want to fuck you up, I don’t want to put hands on you. What I just want to show you is that I’m shining. I’m shining and I don’t need you to shine. You the moon nigga and I’m the sun. 

What’s next?
We putting together a Brick Squad Monopoly album, Waka putting all that together right now and we just on our own from there. We’re just going crazy. One thing I can tell you about Waka is that, Waka is giving man; if you doing your thing, he’s going to let you do your thing, he wants you to do your thing. Only thing he going to tell you is rep the Squad. When I first made the charts and I was number 50 on the charts, Waka called me and said, “Yo, you on the charts man. God damn, you doing your thing.”