The bottle wars continue between 50 Cent's Effen Vodka and Diddy's Ciroc with French Montana leading the charge for the latter.

In the latest edition of My Gut Poison Is Better Than Yours, French recently got drunk and tossed a bottle of Fif's liquor brand into an open trash can in the Power 105 studio. But not before talking big shit about the Queens moguls brand which he feels is far less superior. And we may have underplayed the whole drunk thing. Montana was freaking twisted!

In the video, French is obviously inebriated as he stumbles through words. He holds a bottle of Effen as well as a bottle of Hennessy, which we are guessing was his drink of choice for the night. The newly signed Epic Records artist threatens to smash the bottle of Effen on the studio wall before someone gets the bright idea of giving him a trash can. After then saying he will pee in the bottle, he settles on throwing it in the trash. But not before going in on Curtis's liquor line. "Who drinks this Four Loko?" he questions. "Who drinks this fucking Four Loko, this Thunderbird."

50 Cent and the Bad Boy camp have been going back and forth with these Vodka Wars for a couple of years now. As you may have guessed 50 set it off, making a point to diss Ciroc shortly after he came out with his Effen brand. The comical jabs have been being exchanged every since.

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