Philadelphia meets Harlem when Freeway and Dave East connect for "Hold the Fort Down," a track off Free's upcoming project, Fear of a Free Planet 2.

The veteran rapper, who also signed to Roc Nation last month, and East spit rhymes about holding down their respected hoods over a DJ Skizz-produced beat.

"Lead blocks, I'm nasty with the hooks like a Hakeem shot/Shot him talkin' on his iPhone, guess that's a screenshot/How the fuck you screamin' thug life, ain't never seen Pac/Papi ain't got shit up in the store, this shit a weed spot," raps Dave East.

Freeway explained the thought process behind the record. “This song is basically me and Dave East doing what we do—holding the fort down for the streets and for the hood. The juxtaposition of my hustling and then working in politics is a testament to my wearing multiple hats since I first came up in the game.”

Freeway’s Fear of a Free Planet 2 mixtape drops in May. The upcoming project will tackle the political climate in America right now.

Fear of a Free Planet 2 is basically about what’s going on in the climate of the world right now—from the streets to the politics,” Freeway adds. “I just wanted to feed my fans before my first official Roc Nation release.”

Listen to "Hold the Fort Down" below.

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