Out of nowhere, Harry Fraud has unleashed a brand-new collaboration from the late Fredo Santana and Lil Reese.

Titled "Not Like U," the track, which dropped yesterday (Aug. 22), is a menacing one that finds Fredo and Reese spitting about what their enemies lack. In the case they're speaking of, it's money, courage and the fortitude to keep themselves from snitching.

Leading things off on the song is Fredo, who passed away due to complications from cardiovascular disease and epilepsy in January. Using his typically plain-spoken approach to rap, he wastes no time jumping into some hardbody rhymes.

"Snitch niggas, bitch niggas, that's that shit I don't like/Gotta watch my own back, fuck 'round and take my own life," Fredo spits on the Harry Fraud and Trapzillas-produced track.

Next up is Reese, who obviously knows his way around a death threat. "I do shit on my own/Fuck niggas don't want none/They snitching, where they from?/They bitches, where they from?/They not fighting, they grabbing guns/So I guess I'ma grab my gun," he spits on the track, which also sees him delivering a hook.

This song has arrived nearly two months after Fredo's video for his Freddy Kruger 2 track, "Demons," was posted online. It's unclear how much more unreleased Fredo material is left out there, but here's to hoping there's a lot more where "Not Like U" came from.

You can check out "Not Like U" below.

Harry Fraud via SoundCloud
Harry Fraud via SoundCloud

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