Gangsterdom might seem cool to a lot of folks, but to people like Freddie Gibbs, G Perico and Mozzy, it's simply a way of life. That's a point the three MC's make clear on their new League of Starz-produced cut, "Colors," which dropped last Friday (April 13).

Checking in at an extra-lengthy-for-these-days five minutes and 16 seconds, the new track finds each artist spitting about their gang ties over a 1990s-centric instrumental. Hailing from Gary, Ind., Gibbs details his experiences with a California Crip.

"Used to meet my dope plug on 65th and Figueroa/Nigga was an old school IVC/Fred come flip these pies with me/Living that California dream/Delivering dope in that limousine," Gibbs spits on the cut, which evokes images of classic West Coast rap.

Next up is Perico, who himself is a Crip, who laces the track with his own lucid gangster tales. "You must not know no better/Boy this shit is so aggressive/Gang bangers pop out that's how we send a message/Get up close and then you stretch from doing all that flexing/One down now we looking for the next one," he raps.

For his part, Mozzy, who calls Sacramento, Calif. home, juxtaposes images of life on the streets with parental discipline. "These niggas know I'm a gangster ma/Cap guns prepare me for funk and I like to thank you ma/Your baby boy a fella, these niggas been trying to spank me ma/Gotta catch a body that's how you climb up the rankings ma," Mozzy spits matter-of-factly.

Check out "Colors" below. Peep Gibbs' video for "Andrea" when you're done.

LeagueOfStarz via SoundCloud
LeagueOfStarz via SoundCloud

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