Foursix are a creative collective comprised of six artists — Coach Wave, Payso, Zino, Zach Day, Amoedo, and Jahnei — based out of New York. Their newest record is "Chill" and it finds Coach, Payso and producer and co-founder Jahnei on vocals. "Chill" is a melodic record that finds the artists talking about hanging out with a special girl. Coach, Payso and Jahnei float throughout the record.

"We were really trying to see how many songs we could make in one session but they all were more on the wild side so we decided to slow it down and try something different," said Foursix through email.

Their previous record was titled "Twisted Metal" featuring Payso, Coach and Zino teaming up for. Foursix are quickly gaining buzz and started to make major performances throughout New York City. They are gearing up to drop their debut project 3016, which is set to release Feb. 10. You can catch them live in Brooklyn February 18.

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