Where's the love? Bang Em Smurf isn't holding back on how he feels about certain rappers in the game. The former G-Unit affiliate recently spewed venom towards Ja Rule for releasing his book and comparing him to a "sucka." Now, he's going against his former ally, 50 Cent. During his interview with Mikey T, Bang Em Smurf aimed at 50, this time around and called him corny for previously dissing his former business partner, friend, and engineer, Sha Money XL.

“Sha Money’s a good brother [that] put his life on the line for [50] as well,” Bang’Em Smurf said. “Just by rolling with him. Cause Sha Money ain’t no gangsta or none of that. He been an executive in this game for a minute. About his money. So, he actually put his life on the line by rolling with 50. You know what I mean? Did a lot of groundwork for 50. A lot of studio sessions with 50…So, that was actually corny on 50’s behalf. Cause Sha Money is a good nigga. If you don’t ever notice, all his day-one niggas ain’t around. He want to get his money and keep it so close. Like that’s corny to me. You shittin’ on Sha Money. Like that’s corny.”

Just recently, Bang Em Smurf expressed his views on G-Unit's reunion and believes that the group is destined to flop.

Check out the video above.

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