Four student athletes have been disciplined by the University of Louisiana-Lafayette after a video surfaced of a group of football players rapping YG and Nipsey Hussle's anti-Trump rally cry "FDT" in the locker room.

The video, which appears to have been uploaded by one of the players, shows members of the football team jamming in the locker room while the song blasts over the speakers. A few people bust out dance moves and middle fingers. This video is said to have been recorded the day of the election, reports The Daily Advertiser.

As expected, the administration took swift action in reprimanding those who could be identified in the grainy video. ULL head coach Mark Hudspeth and athletic director Scott Farmer issued statements on the matter on Friday (Nov. 11).

"I am disappointed by the actions that a few student athletes demonstrated," Coach Hudpseth wrote. "The immature behavior of those individuals is not condoned by our program. It does not represent our entire team or the views of the University. We’ve disciplined four student-athletes and are taking steps to educate all of our student-athletes to prevent this from happening again."

Farmer lamented the same feelings in his address to the media. "This video in no way represents the views and values of the Ragin’ Cajuns Football program, the Athletics Department, or the University of Louisiana at Lafayette," he said in a statement. "Like many of you, we are disappointed in the actions of these student-athletes. Coach Hudspeth recognized the severity of the situation and does not condone their behavior. He acted swiftly to discipline those involved and continues to educate the team on how their actions are a reflection of the name on the front of their jerseys."

Nipsey Hussle has responded to the story of the disciplinary action taken with a simple tweet, below.

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