WWE's Monday Night Raw made a stop in Miami, Fla. last night (Jan. 25), on the heels of the company's Royal Rumble event, and called upon a few local rappers to intermingle with the wrestling talent.

In one bit, Flo Rida, whose "Welcome to My House" will be the official theme song of April's Wrestlemania 32, went bar-for-bar with Bo Dallas of the wrestling collective Social Outcasts and the outcome did not portray the professional rapper in a complimentary light.

While the battle, like all of WWE's product, was staged entertainment, Dallas's barbs were more personal and pointed than anything Flo had to say. "You sucker punched my friend in Wrestlemania 28" the wrestler rapped, "but I’d be upset too if I was named after this awful state." And later: "You need to channel you negativity in a more productive manner/You hold an ace high, but I have a full house like my name is Danny Tanner." Flo Rida's last release was April 2015's My House which features a single by the same name. His Wrestlemania anthem builds upon the same motif.

The rapper's rebuttal was nothing short of underwhelming, and while Raw is a family friendly program, the rapper must have been able to drum up better jabs than these. "Last time you got away with a sucker punch/Sitting at my table, I’ll eat a sucker’s lunch/Wrap my fist in your jaw feel my knuckle crunch/See battling me ain't fair just like Social Outcasts trying to wrestle the Nature Boy Ric Flair." Flo then set up an introduction for tag team The Dudley Boyz.

Knowing the WWE, the battle with Bo Dallas is likely a set up for a later developing narrative in which Flo Rida enacts some type of revenge.

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