Southern California's own Flip Major has just linked with Quavo for "Take A Look," a new banger from his currently untitled debut album. You can listen to the Steelz-produced track for yourself below.

Rife with basketball references and bars about unrepentant stunting, "Take A Look" finds Flip and Quavo going as hard as ever. Flip is energetic and straightforward with his verse, with a flow that's as bouncy as the instrumental he's rapping on. For his part, Quavo flaunts his signature stacatto flow and trademark adlibs throughout the entire song.

Throughout his career, Flip has worked with the likes of West Coast rappers like IamSu!, Skeme, and Audio Push, but he says he's been searching for a new feel for his yet to be titled debut album that's due out this spring.

"I wanted to catch a different vibe for this album, so I flew to Atlanta to record at Drama's spot Mean Streets studios. We were down there for like a week working with everyone, including Quavo,” Flip explained in a recent interview. “I already had the hook and my verse and when he heard it he went straight into the booth and murdered it. When we heard the finished product we knew we had something special."

Dropping Bases Loaded and Road Trip last year, Flip was a busy man in 2016, and he'll look to continue to build in 2017. "Take A Look" is a really good start.

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