The Voice has been on for 16 seasons and finally had its first rapper pass the audition phase on the Australian version of the show on Sunday night (May 26).

Melbourne native Denzel M Akuma, 20, performed an original track for the judges titled "Akuma," a rousing single that finds the budding rhymer flexing his lyrical muscle. "I am Akuma, I got the power to rule ya/King of the class, I stand up and school ya," he rapped. "I am Akuma, I am the baddest, I am a ruler/I am the man that has mastered the tool, and/Crafted the vision from nothing but pure."

The judges were impressed by his flow, with all four showing interest. Afterward, Akuma claimed he was "trying to make a revolution happen" with his music. Judge Kelly Rowland made the winning pitch. "Yes, you are something that Australia has never seen before, and yes, this is the story of the new generation that you must tell for them. And I know I can help you tell that story," she successfully urged.

Not everyone was impressed. Some were put off by the big fuss made over a rapper finally being on the show. "Apparently this guy literally just invented hip-hop in Australia and is also the second coming of Christ," one person tweeted.

"I don't know why #thevoiceau made such a big deal about a rapper on the show," someone else posted. "Rapping is part of the music industry ]and] a DJ won previously."

Check out Denzel M Akuma's performance on The Voice and reactions to his appearance on the show below.

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