Hip-hop has always leaned towards the sounds of the youth. Canton, Ohio rapper Fijimacintosh clearly understands this. At just 17 years old, he's on hip-hop's radar after going on tour with Smooky Margielaa, teaming up with his cousin Trippie Redd and dropping numerous videos like "Metallic Withdrawals" and "Demon Slayer." This time around, he's back with a new song, "I Had Nuthin" featuring Idk, which appears on Fiji's upcoming mixtape, Teenage Disillusionment. The project arrives Jan. 18.

The OG Parker and Deko-produced "I Had Nuthin" is both haunting and upbeat, a song on which Fijimacintosh remembers the old days before he was famous. According to Fiji himself, people treated him differently before the money. "The inspiration came from being broke and having nothing one moment and then getting money the next," Fiji tells XXL. "They started acting like they loved me or cared for me."

"I had nothin/All of a sudden/I got money/Now they love me," Fiji raps on the hook. Later in the verse, he flosses while letting people know he isn't to be played with: "I got a poker, give you a slug, I'm in the Rover, me and my bud/Are you tough, nigga, what?"

Idk's verse comes near the end of the song. He hits the ground running: "I got bitches, I got bitches/Big ass, titties, hunnids and fifties/Come from a place, where shit can get sticky/Pop up the trunk and take out the sticky." He always shows up when it's feature time.

"I Had Nuthin" will appear on the previously mentioned Teenage Disillusionment, which will drop next Friday. The seven-track mixtape features appearances from Kid Trunks, A1Billionaire, Idk and NoirIllusions, Fiji's artist. This will be Fijimacintosh's second project, a follow-up to 2018's Satellite Crash.

Check out "I Had Nuthin" and the Teenage Disillusionment tracklist below.

Fijimacintosh's Teenage Disillusionment Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Broken Castles" featuring A1Billionaire
2. "Millennium" featuring Kid Trunks
3. "Suicide" featuring Deko
4. "Wipe Me Down"
5. "Red Pill, Blue Pill / Glock Box Pt. 2" featuring Noirillusions
6. "Overdose"
7. "I Had Nuthin" featuring Idk

Cybersound 777 / EMPIRE
Cybersound 777 / EMPIRE

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