On Saturday (Sept. 21), G-Unit tore down the iHeartRadio Music Festival stage at MGM Grand in Las Vegas as they performed hit after classic hit. The collective rap group continues to prove time a part from each other can actually make a unit stronger. Backstage at iHeartRadio, 50 Cent and G-Unit chopped it up with Billboard to discuss their latest project and their lack of interest in album chart success.

G-Unit dropped The Beauty Of Independence EP and left fans with nostalgic like feelings, allowing their chemistry and history seep through every song. The group is currently preparing  for the October release of their new EP, The Beast Is G-Unit.

"The production has changed," said 50 Cent. "We're going to start using some of the usual suspects for hits, at the present moment. [Fans] are going to feel the new energy connected to it."

As far as record sales and chart success goes, 50 Cent and the rest of the crew don't seem to worried about it. According to 50, chart success doesn't determine an artist's longevity in the game. G-Unit doesn't expect a chart-topping debut.

"My first album sold 13 million records...If the chart mattered now, I'd quit," 50 said, before jokingly walking off set. "Compared to that period, you can forget about it. The album [of mine] to sell the worst was the Curtis record, and Em  just sold [for The Marshall Mathers LP 2, currently No. 30 on the Billboard 200] what I sold the first week on that album. It's getting smaller and smaller as we go, but no one's lost interest in great music."