Just two months after welcoming his daughter Alaiya to the world, Fetty Wap is now welcoming baby number seven.

According to reports, Lezhae Zeona, who is the mother of Fetty's 2-year-old daughter Zaviera Maxwell, recently gave birth to their new baby boy. Zeona hopped on Instagram after giving birth and posted a video of her holding the baby on her Instagram Live story. It's unclear when exactly the child was born.

While Fetty's currently relationship status with Zeona is unknown, the New Jersey rapper hasn't made mention of the new baby yet. The "There She Go" artist was also more active on social media during Alexis Skyy's pregnancy.

Fetty and Zeona have had their differences in the past. In 2016, Zeona called out the rapper for being absent in their daughter's life. "Now I'm really puttin in work to make sure my daughter don't ever end up like Alexis or yaya that shit is just sad," she tweeted. "And I'm puttin in overtime to make sure she don't ever meet a nigga like her father," Zeona continued.

Zeona added that she raises Zaviera alone and Fetty rarely sees her. "Let's be real I raise Za ALONE you're never here you come see her for 20 mins-2 hrs max a few times a month," she wrote. "You can count on your hands how many times you've made a bottle and changed a pamper."

In January, Fetty and and Skyy welcomed their daughter to the world, three months early. The rapper was at Skyy's side during the birth and revealed that he was also born prematurely. The child is currently still in the hospital and requires help breathing.

Check out Zeona with her baby below.

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