"I'll take one-eyed surprise rap smashes for $600, Alex."

Last night, Jeopardy, America's cornerstone quiz show, kicked off its tournament of champions, positioning the game's smartest minds against one another in a competition of intellect and reflex. In the double Jeopardy round, the category "Whose Songs?" appeared in which contestants were given two songs and required to name the artist they were by. And for $2,000: "679" & "Trap Queen." Catherine, the contestant who opened the question, knew, as any modern day music fan must, that the answer was Patterson's own Fetty Wap. Was her look of bemusement from the fact that she knew the answer or that Jeopardy asked the question? Either way, Catherine went on to win the match, presumably singing "My Way" to herself as the cash rolled in.

Let this be a lesson to all hip-hop heads storing lyrics and random facts away in the deep recesses of their mind: rap knowledge could one day yield you big bucks. Keep at it, but also study other things because this is about as rare as a Jeopardy category and question get.