Fetty Wap takes listeners back to his Zoovier mixtape to drop a visual for the standout cut "Shit I Like." The video sees Fetty linking up with longtime collaborator Monty for a crazy house party. As the two men enjoy the festivities, they deliver some rhymes about what they enjoy in life.

"My first Rari came with blood and guts/And the Draco come equipped with monkey nuts/Niggas screaming 17, they know it's us/King Zoovie from the island, hold it up/I make all these niggas think they throwing up/Diamonds hitting hard, they know it's us/You keep talking bout a sack then roll it up/I be out here with the ice, I'm frozen up," Fetty raps on the opening verse.

Fetty and Monty show off their well-developed chemistry as they compliment each other so well on the track. Monty takes control of the latter part of the song, spitting a verse about what brings him pleasure.

"Pass me the Patron when I'm sipping light/Monty, I be stoned when I'm getting high/Diamonds in my stones, that's the shit I like/If she ain't going home, she getting dick tonight/You only live once so I'm living life/And my diamonds shining like some Christmas lights/Party all night, I think I missed my flight," Monty raps.

The "Shit I Like" video features Fetty in a good mood, which was not the case just two weeks ago. The New Jersey native's sex tape leaked online, leading to a new batch of problems for Fetty.

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