Things got extra real when Fetty Wap popped up in last night's episode of Empire. In the episode, which is titled "Absent Child," Fetty plays the role of a young rapper Lucious inserts into a song he and his son Jamal have been working on together. Jamal wants to do the song in his own way, but Lucious wants his street-perspective infused into the track, so he gets the young rapper Fetty's playing to do the trick.

Of course, if you've been watching Empire, you know the disagreement between Lucious and Jamal is just another addition to Jamal's ongoing battle for respect. Still, Fetty's isn't simply a plot device, and in the episode, his character goes through a pretty serious ordeal. We'll let you watch for yourself.

It's cool to see Fetty flex his acting muscles, but there's no doubt fans are more eager to get their cyber-hands on some of the New Jersey rapper's new music. Speaking of new music, Fetty recently announced he'd be dropping the first single from his forthcoming King Zoo album this weekend.

“First song off the Album dropping this weekend #AYE AND IM DROPPING THE VIDEO WITH IT FOR MY FANS. #KINGZOO THE ALBUM ON THE WAY,” wrote the rapper in a recent social media post.

So be on the lookout. In the meantime, peep part of Fetty Wap's Empire appearance in the video below. He's spitting some pretty heartfelt lyrics in it, and it will only make you want new music more.

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