All seemed to be well with Fetty Wap and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha following the birth of their daughter. While much of the pregnancy was spent disputing paternity or details of the encounter that led to conception, Fetty's attendance at their daughter's first doctor's visit was thought to signal a reconciliation. He also had reportedly spent $20,000 preparing his home for the child.

But now, TMZ is reporting that Kalysha is upset with Fetty for posting a photo of their daughter Khari online. The two allegedly had a deal to keep the 3-month-old out of the spotlight, one that has seemingly gone out the window, when Fetty posted the below photo to Twitter. Kalysha then posted the image to Instagram herself (below) and has set up a private Instagram account for the child, specifying that it is for friends and family only.

Rappers posting images of their newborn children to social media is hardly anything new, with T.I. doing just that earlier this month. Perhaps given their tumultuous relationship and history, Kalysha didn't want to welcome any added scrutiny, or she's upset with Fetty's involvement as a father. After seeing him post the photo to Twitter, she wrote in since deleted tweets, "Lovely picture u posted yesterday that I didn’t want posted U should post a recent 1 of u & KB together! Oh wait…Yeah you’ve been on the way to see her for 5 days. I’m sorry that you keep getting lost."

Check out the couple's most recent dust up below.

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