It can be said, with a fair amount of certainty, that Fetty Wap loves Beamers. The Paterson hitmaker gifted his friend and frequent collaborator Monty a BMW i8, valued at around $140,000, back in December as a Christmas present, and now he's back in the gift giving mood, though the recipient is himself. TMZ is reporting that Fetty, who is celebrating his 25th birthday today, recently copped a 2016 BWM M6 equipped with an 800 horsepower engine.

Fetty reportedly made the purchase on Friday (June 3), dropping $160,000 at Flawless Auto Leasing to soup up the whip, which typically comes with 560 horsepower. Flawless, which is based in Staten Island, shared the above picture to Instagram of Fetty with his new car, the black-on-black model with twin-turbo features and carbon fiber interior, while below, both Flawless and Fetty posted videos capturing the rapper's excitement at his new purchase.

"I got an addiction to cars," Fetty says in his IG video, captioning it with "I got another m6" which begs the question, just how many BMWs does the Zoo God own? Check the social postings both up top and below, with Fetty more than likely giving his new toy a spin on his born day.

Within the past month, Fetty has dropped a video for his track "Wake Up," returning to Eastside High School in Patterson to shoot it (and consequentially getting the principal of the school suspended), and teamed up with Monty to put on for their home state with the new track "Victor Cruz."

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