Chicago rapper Femdot just released (u)no, the fourth piece to his full-length project 20/20 Hour, and you can hear both below.

As he sporadically released pieces of his project 20/20 Hour, Femdot decided to drop the final piece to the puzzle. (u)no is a four-track EP which features production from Charles Lauste and Mike Wavvs. The studio effort also has a feature from Ohana Bam. Throughout the EP, Femdot raps about his hometown of Chicago, having his raps leaked, and the Trump election, eventually name-dropping some famous wrestlers he idolized as a kid.

The young MC spoke about why he released this EP the way he did. He also mentioned the inspiration behind creating this EP and the other three which complete his project 20/20 Hour.

“(u)no is the final chapter because it’s the final piece of a full project called 20/20 Hour. So fo(u)r, thr(we), to(u) are all one collective project that I’ve spread out over a series of four EPs over the past year,” Femdot says. “I set each number up based upon the sound that I wanted to create and what I wanted to accomplish with each release. The reason I broke it up into four parts be because I wanted to drop them quarterly and spread it out. And before that I wanted to just drop the 20 song project but that was hella long.”

Last year, Femdot released the first three pieces to his full-length EP backwards, starting with f(u)our, then thr(we) and then to(u). 20/20 Hour is a 17-track project in total that consists of all the songs from the four separate EPs.

Femdot's (u)no Tracklist.

1. "Goodsquad" (producedbycharleslauste)
2. "Goodcops" featuring Ohana Bam (producedbycharleslauste)
3. "Whtchaon" (producedbymikewavvs)
4. "Chi'sinterlude" (producedbycharleslauste)

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