The topic of female sexuality and hip-hop has once again hit the Twitterverse, and this time, it's arrived in the vessel of one fan's polarizing tweet about women in the rap world.

On Tuesday (May 21), one fan wrote suggested that female rappers refraining from using their sexuality in music is a good thing. "Young MA is the ONLY female rapper not using her body to sell records," wrote the male rap fan, who later hinted at the tweet possibly being a joke.

The following day, that tweet made its way to the desk of Lil Yachty, who retweeted the post with two additional names for the fan's list. "Tierra Whack, Rico Nasty," added Lil Boat.

For her part, Chicago's own Noname chimed in on the same tweet Yachty responded to. Rather than add herself or any other women to that list, the Chance The Rapper-affiliated MC put down the notion that women promoting their own sexuality was a bad thing to begin with.

"Male rappers use bragging about women’s bodies to sell records," Noname tweeted on Wednesday (May 22). "Male executives use women’s bodies to sell records. Now women are claiming autonomy and niggas get pressed. Male species is so basic sometimes lol."

Lil Boat and Noname's tweets were just two of dozens of posts regarding the dimensions of female sexuality in hip-hop. Subsequent tweets suggested that artists like the famously raunchy Missy Elliott should also be included in discussions about women who don't flaunt their bodies and sex to sell records. Responses to that tweet mentioned that Missy, in fact, frequently discussed sex on her records, but that her appearance as a darker skinned, plus-sized woman made people forget that fact.

Echoing Noname's sentiment was a Twitter user who wrote out a list of reasons why people shouldn't be judged for infusing their music with sexuality. "1. It doesn’t matter, people can express themselves however they want. 2. There are plenty of women who focus on other things, not because they should, but because they can. 3. You can find just as few male rappers who don’t talk about women/sex ect," wrote the Twitter user.

The topic of whether female rappers should use sex to sell records, whether that's a good or bad thing and other compartments of that subject will be a conversation until the end of time and the answer will always be subjective. Interestingly enough, despite Drake flexing his abs on Instagram as of late or A$AP Rocky showing off his Calvins, the topic of men also selling their sexuality hasn't sparked as heated of a debate.

You can see what people are saying about female sexuality in hip-hop for yourself just below.

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