Felly's gearing up for a big summer, and it begins with "Baby Boy," a bluesy new track equipped with some semi-free-associative, but introspective writing and an instantly memorable hook. It's the first release from his forthcoming Wild Strawberries project, due out later this summer. Listen to it below exclusively via XXL.

"Baby Boy" finds the Connecticut native, who dropped off an entertaining video for "Ali" back in March, reflecting on the difficulties of chasing success in a world surrounded by broke boys, divas and "fake love," even though he knows he's got to kick his feet up and "swallow the pain" for the sake of his squad, who motivate his pursuit of wealth and fame.

Felly says the track, which was produced by himself, YoG$ and Healy at Fel's crib in Los Angeles, was inspired by his feelings about a volatile music industry.

"The song is inspired by feeling like this hip-hop shit is kind of a rat race right now and is super oversaturated," Felly tells XXL. "I want to detach from that sometimes. There used to be a saying 'here today, gone tomorrow.' Today it's 'here today, gone today.' I don't fuck with that. So this song tips the hat to that."

Felly, who we interviewed for The Break last year, is all set to drop a new project in the coming months, followed by a tour in the fall.

Check out "Baby Boy" for yourself below.

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